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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Biggies New Hair Cut


I always wanted to take Biggie to get his first short hair cut. I still remember my Grandpa Brown taking me to my first big boy hair cut at the barber shop in Michigan Center. His first big boy hair cut was a little different. I thought let's just get the hair out of his eyes. It took me a while since I hadn't cut hair in years. About two snips from finishing up taking about two inches off he decides he wants me to use the clippers. He wanted it short. So he got it! Happy with his new short haircut, he couldn't stop checking himself out in the mirror. I'm glad he liked it but he looks so old now. I miss the curls he had and I still feel a little shocked when I look at him. The following day at school he walked in loud and proud showing his fresh new cut off to all who would listen which was everyone.

The family is split on the look. I think I like the longer look. What do you think?

Monday, December 6, 2010


So Nemo, our originally named goldfish has officially taken a seat so over the weekend. So we took the next step in the food chain, sort of. We pondered getting a hamster for Boomer and Biggie thinking that the maintenence would be a great next step, but the kids ultimately decided on a kitten instead. The thought of possibly losing a rodent in the house made us think twice. A cat is a little more work for sure, but the pleasure this little fuzzie has brought is tremendous. We named it Ladoo Quinn Simmons or Quinn Ladoo Simmons depending on who you ask. Boomer has cleaned the litter box at least three times a day since Saturday. The kitty follows Big Boy around like a puppy and Boomer acts and sounds like a mommy the way she speaks to it in her mommy/baby voice. Too cute and of course both kids love picking the kitty up and showing it the way of the house. After hearing that cats are much lower maintenance than a puppy,I think we made the right decision.
Boomer made sure to show everyone pics of her kitty on the way into her school this morning which was just the cutest. She was such a proud owner. Her teacher thought it was funny that Boomer ended up with a kitty instead of a hamster which she spoke about all last week at school.
Last Thursday when the teacher heard that the fish was swimming upside down she braced for the worst and the class had a eulogy. Boomer drew a picture and said a few kind words. The kids have not spoke much about the lack of a fish except for Boomer asking me when I plan on cleaning out the tank.
Today is our first day apart from the kitty so I did take my lunch break to go check on him. He seemed fine as I got home, he was fast asleep in his little kitty bed. Home intruders must love it when they break in to a home only to find a cat that will rub on their legs. Anyway, so far it has been great and although I did not see us as a cat family, I think we are getting there. My wife, who has never had a pet, is getting used to our newest addition as well.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The kids woke up this morning and noticed that Nemo our 4yr old goldfish is floating sideways in his tank. The poor guy was still breathing well but laboring to swim. Since he ate the other goldfish in the tank, he became the largest and outlasted the other three fish we had in there with him. Nemo is the prize of a Chinese Gift exchange from 4 Christmas parties ago and has lived pretty large.
Knowing that someday this would come up, I promised Boomer a hampster for the tank when Nemo took a seat. As she first noticed Nemo floating sideways, she was excited to get the hamster but soon realized that he would not make it and began to cry. I explained to her that for a goldfish to live 4 years was great and she could draw pictures of her with Nemo at school today. Meanwhile, Big Boy was asking me if he could use the fish net and scoop him out of the tank. She quit crying and began thinking of names for her new hamster or whatever rhodent she decides to get. I felt a little better with that. Mommy is not too keen on any rhodent in the house. Do I see a cat or dog in our near future?
On a lighter note, I stepped into the daycare of my 3yr old son Biggie and his teacher asked me if we had gone camping recently. I said we had gone the previous weekend, and that we had a lot of fun. Brady had a great time camping but why do you ask? Well...he kept peeing outside on the playground. I couldn't help but to laugh as I pictured his pale little butt and how well he went #1 outside at the campgrounds when the bathroom was no where close. I forgot to tell him that was only for camping. Oops. Anyway, he denied it with a sinister smile all the way home as I explained that you use it as a last resort. He said he was all the way out in the mulch! 15ft from the bathroom.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, I took Boomer to get her 3rd haircut ever and after negotiating she told me that she would only if I got her something. I thought for sure it was a pillow pet or snuggie that she really wants. Nope, a fishing pole. I was happy that she took an interest in something that would give us something else fun to do together and she even wanted to get one for her little brother. She picked a black rod with pink accents and picked out a spiderman pole our little buddy. Both caught something their first time out. About 15 minutes into the fishing expedition, Biggie caught a 6" bass and she caught a little sunfish. Daddy caught nothing! They made fun of me the whole walk home. What fun! We just need to get mommy out there.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This past weekend we took a 2 night trip to a beautiful Island Paradise in Cayo Costa Florida. Sure the diggs were a bit rough, a cabin with no electicity, but we made it work. Only 50 yards from the beach, you could hear the waves crashing all day and night. The kids, Boomer and Biggie, finally got to watch their daddy catch and battle with a few Lady Fish. They also found a pretty good sized millepede.(Pictured on the right) More pics to come.
The kids had a blast shelling and hiking the park and watching the dolphins roll in and out around the island. The island had an awesome lagoon that was just 100 yards south of our cabin. We had a mystery on our hands according to Boomer when we stumbled upon some mysterious paw prints of a big cat on the beach. It must be huge because these tracks were the size of my hands!
The kids explored a lot and on day 2 we got a few neighbors to our right and left so they were able to socialize a little. Grilled hot dogs both nights for dinner, no lady fish for us as I am a fan of catch and release of the fish. At least the smaller fish. I heard lady fish were better for bait than eating. Dessert consisted of s'mores. I think the kids enjoyed the burning of their marshmallows and sticks more than actually eating them.
Even with all the activities the island had to offer, Boomer still managed to get her math in on the north beach excursion. Proud of my little girl for fitting that in between the dolphin sightings and sea urchins washing ashore. We had a blast and are so happy to have this slice of paradise only 2 hours from our home. It was truly a family trip that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. I highly recommend the trip to all, go in the winter because it is hot hot hot in the summer and the bugs are the size of small dogs! If we can make it, you can too! Fun Times!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our B2 Bean Bag Venture has been a hit so far! Spread the word, share the story!

In the beginning of October, the Simmons family started our next venture into fun furniture. This time we took a much lower overhead approach when opening the B2 Bean Bags store online . It took me a while and although it is very simple at this time, it has gotten a lot of traffic! We have sold a total of 7 bean bags and have requests for more than 20 in just under a week.
With the holidays approaching we are anticipating more traffic so get your orders in early. Currently we have a coupon for $10.00 off (coupon code 10off) your purchase with free shipping on the website through the holidays. We are utilizing social medias Twitter/Facebook to really reach out and gain a presence leading up to the Holidays.
Sure we are out to make money, but we are using the business to teach our kids the importance of giving back as well. They have chosen the local Give a Kid a Chance through the Tampa YMCA for their charity. This allows underpriveleged children the opportunity to attend summer camps at the YMCA. A very noble idea, this has the kids excited to give the Y a check at the end of the year.

The name came from the kids request to include them in the name of the business. Since the name of my last furniture store was named Davani's after my wife and I, B2 is short for Boomer and Biggie, my online name for the kids and has shown to be pretty catchy so far.

Our bean bags are made with Big Time Quality in mind. A Marine grade vinyl which is thick and durable. Fade and stain resistant makes it stand out from the thin vinyl used by Target and Walmart. We use some heavy duty sewing machines to give it double stitched seams that last for years! Added some handles for hanging up or tying it down on your boat. Yes, these are great for boating. The filler is a premium styro bead that is made to last. These will not flatten out into a pancake like the others out there. Cleans up easy with windex or WD40 for stubborn ink stains. A heavy duty #5 Nylon zipper that will not rust and stand up to some serious use. Our primary market was the serious video gamer but has been picked up by avid boaters here in Florida.
For contests, product updates and fun photos of our bean bags being used by friends and family follow us!

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Monday the 25th of October was the first day of basketball practice for my 3 year old. November 1st was the first game and the hype was well worth the wait. The season has been pretty amazing so far. Our team roster boasts only 7 players but players they are. Most of the kids are 4 yr olds but boy can they ball...kind of. We have one boy who can dunk(on a 4 ft rim)and twins that are lights out shooters. Big Boy is all hustler, leading the team in steals. With an attention span of about 3-4 minutes, we sub in and out like Joe Madden subs his pitchers. No idea of the score, I chalk it up as a win because it's so fun watching these guys wander, cry, and ask for their parents and play a little basketball. I surprised myself with the amount of patience I have coaching someone else's kid, and look forward to the rest of the season. Go Jayhawks!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Ah yes the hot weather is slowly moving to the back burner here in sunny Tampa. The evening temps will be in the 70's for the kiddos on Sunday. I hope for good weather to all of our friends up north in the Mitten and Northeast. I can only recall rain or freezing cold All Hollows Eve's in my years of dressing up. The cold and rain subsides as soon as that first plastic wrapper hits the bottom of the bag. My heart raced....I always ate my first treat as soon as it made the bag! Except one year, this lady gave 5 pennies. I ate the candy from the second house but it threw off my ritual.
This year Boomer and Biggie will be a Witch and a Pirate. Costumes have come a long way. These things look nice enough to wear throughout the year. What age did you really start banking on candy when you trick or treated? I was about 6 or 7 and had to upgrade to a pillow case instead of those silly little bags! I also found value in hitting subdivisions by age 7 and eventually realized I could fill up the entire pillow case and then some if the homes were closer together. I targeted the Trailer Park on the main drag in my hometown. Homerun! I went through it twice if I ran fast enough. I was a chubby kid(not a distance runner)but the running was worth it!
I think this is the year to show the kids how it's done.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Weekend: Kids Photoshoot, Triathlon, B2 Bean Bags is coming soon!

I want to begin this post thanking my WIFE for fully supporting me the entire race season. Without her, I could not have trained and done so well in my first season of Triathlon. As a non runner prior to this season, her tips have really helped me consistently place in the top run splits for my age group. Now can give me some swim tips?

For my wife's birthday, we bought the kids some face time with a photographer and on Sunday we spent the afternoon in St. Petersburg having a blast. You really see what fun being a kid is when you try to sit them for a photo shoot. 3 year olds act 3 and you realize how big your little girl is when she sits and actually listens to the photographer and looks like a little lady. Big Boy, our 3 year old did his own thing for the most part and Esther the photographer captured sure gold from both kids! You would think bribery in the form of ice-cream would work but it was the high fives that she offered that seemed to do the trick! Photos coming soon for this one!!!
On Saturday, we woke the kids up a little early, 5am-ish and they were great for my final Triathlon. Boomer has been to three other races but it was Big Boy's first. Aside from wanting to swim with me as the race began, he took it in with great curiosity. I heard them cheering at every transition and yelling and screaming near the finish line, it was great to have them there at the end.
Our family has launched a new endeavour B2 Bean Bags! Named after the kids, Boomer and Biggie, I hope to show the kids how to conduct business, network and be philanthropic...and maybe make some money. We are now on Facebook(B2 Bean Bags), Twitter(B2BeanBags) and the website will be up soon!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We took a family trip this past weekend to a college football game. It was the University of South Florida versus Western Kentucky. Big Boy thought he should keep saying Go Blue! I told him that although it sounded similar they were actually saying Go Bulls! I liked his Go Blue a little more and of course I was proud of him! I see the boy as a natural fit for Michigan. Go Blue sounds so natural coming from him.
The kids were great and the game kept their attention a little longer than I anticipated. The USF Bulls share the field with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and on big plays and touchdowns the canons on the pirate ship fire. This freaked the kids out at first and caught my wife and I by surprise too!
If you have ever taken young kids to a long game you always have the challenges of keeping them entertained. There is always the cotton candy guy trying to walk slow in front of you, and Big Boy loves to try and touch all the mascots. Western Kentucky had this red thing that looked like Grimace from Mc Donalds that was Red and Melted a little bit. I still have no idea what it was but Biggie assumed it was a Boobah. I think he was right. Feel free to check out Boobah's on YOU TUBE. They are strange. Good time was had by all and Boomer was great she was not really impressed with the experience but she enjoyed playing around the pirate ship.

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