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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Traveling with Children to the Big Easy.

We recently took a trip to the Big Easy. The flight was the perfect length, about an hour and a half so the kids avoid the crazy cabin fever mayhem. Bummer that we missed Mardi Gras, the locals said it was a tame event compared to years past. The Super Bowl parade taxed the locals as it was an all week event leading up to Fat Tuesday. Still beads aplenty. The trees along the trolley routed Garden District were full of beads almost leaning.

My son two year old "Big Boy" took a liking to revolving doors at the hotels. He could care less if the person in the next compartment was stuck or not he was jumping in. I'm sure the revolving doors were the highlight of his trip. "Boomer" my five year old daughter loved all the masks that New Orleans had to offer. She had a blast with her mommy at the outdoor market where she picked up some "trinkets" she lives for trinkets, a nice little necklace that will post on here as soon as I find it. That's the problem with trinkets they are sized to lose them, i/e Little Pet Shops. So you have to replace them or deal with the consequences. Shops.

The Beignet was our staple food as well as some noodles as you can witness in the upcoming You Tube video.

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