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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


We took a day trip this weekend to a little town called Clermont here in Florida. A cute little town known for it's Triathlon series and Lake Ridge Winery as well as a small town feel that is located just off the shores of Lake Minneola. We were in town for the first triathlon of the summer tri series. It was my first attempt at being a tri-daddy. We got into Clermont just before sunset so we cruised down to the event site so I could check out the water and put my nerves at ease. It was a bit chilly and the water was about 65 degrees. No Problem there, I had taken plunges into Wolf Lake back in the day on the first freeze of the winter besides I am about to sport my Sea Form Wetsuit. We let the kids play for a bit and head back to the hotel. Not before a quick bite to eat at Firehouse Subs "Welcome to Firehouse!"

Race morning we woke the kids at 6:00am we turned on all the lights so our little buddies would think it was daylight and time to get up. They woke without much fanfare and we all headed down to breakfast and then off to the race. Boomer was a little interested in the fact that it was still dark outside as we walked to the car.

As race time approached the kids were amazed at the break of dawn. Pretty cool. Hugs and kisses later, I made the plunge into the 65 degree water and heard my troops yelling my name as I made my way from the water to the bike transition area. I gave some GU pack (liquid gooey carbohydrate supplement) to Boomer as the family watched me transition to the bike portion of the race. Somehow the GU ended up all over Mommy like graffiti instead. As I approached the end of the bike leg of the race all I could think about is seeing them again. They were there and Boomer gave me some words of inspiration....."You're the last one here daddy" the first words out of her mouth and everyone at the front of the transition area laughed at my expense of course. Run time! and finished better than I had anticipated and the family met me for some gatorade bananas hotdogs. Just a bunch of fun.
Next, off to Lakeland for a birthday party, then home. I slept great that night.

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