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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dropping the kids off at the babysitters was easy, but getting them to come home...

So Saturday morning I drop the kids off at the babysitters, first time I've done this and the kids are so excited. I do this because it is rainy and cold for my 5k race and my wife is out of town. I run the race, come back and noone wants to come home with me. ? My five year old (Boomer)is not leaving until she bakes a cake. Who bakes cakes with their babysitter? Her brother Big Boy waited to see the outcome to make his decision My babysitters sat on the phone and demanded we make sandwiches for them. Anyway, after a half hour negotiation, we left but I promised to get them both an orange off one of the trees outside. My legs were tired and all the low hanging oranges had been picked. I'm in trouble, I can barely jump as it is. I had just ran over 3 miles a half hour earlier. Four jumps no good and the kids are beginning to heckle me. I run to the car grab a bag and swat two down. Mission accomplished! Now I'm a hero. For now.

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