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Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This past weekend we took a 2 night trip to a beautiful Island Paradise in Cayo Costa Florida. Sure the diggs were a bit rough, a cabin with no electicity, but we made it work. Only 50 yards from the beach, you could hear the waves crashing all day and night. The kids, Boomer and Biggie, finally got to watch their daddy catch and battle with a few Lady Fish. They also found a pretty good sized millepede.(Pictured on the right) More pics to come.
The kids had a blast shelling and hiking the park and watching the dolphins roll in and out around the island. The island had an awesome lagoon that was just 100 yards south of our cabin. We had a mystery on our hands according to Boomer when we stumbled upon some mysterious paw prints of a big cat on the beach. It must be huge because these tracks were the size of my hands!
The kids explored a lot and on day 2 we got a few neighbors to our right and left so they were able to socialize a little. Grilled hot dogs both nights for dinner, no lady fish for us as I am a fan of catch and release of the fish. At least the smaller fish. I heard lady fish were better for bait than eating. Dessert consisted of s'mores. I think the kids enjoyed the burning of their marshmallows and sticks more than actually eating them.
Even with all the activities the island had to offer, Boomer still managed to get her math in on the north beach excursion. Proud of my little girl for fitting that in between the dolphin sightings and sea urchins washing ashore. We had a blast and are so happy to have this slice of paradise only 2 hours from our home. It was truly a family trip that the kids will remember for the rest of their lives. I highly recommend the trip to all, go in the winter because it is hot hot hot in the summer and the bugs are the size of small dogs! If we can make it, you can too! Fun Times!

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