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Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Great Weekend: Kids Photoshoot, Triathlon, B2 Bean Bags is coming soon!

I want to begin this post thanking my WIFE for fully supporting me the entire race season. Without her, I could not have trained and done so well in my first season of Triathlon. As a non runner prior to this season, her tips have really helped me consistently place in the top run splits for my age group. Now can give me some swim tips?

For my wife's birthday, we bought the kids some face time with a photographer and on Sunday we spent the afternoon in St. Petersburg having a blast. You really see what fun being a kid is when you try to sit them for a photo shoot. 3 year olds act 3 and you realize how big your little girl is when she sits and actually listens to the photographer and looks like a little lady. Big Boy, our 3 year old did his own thing for the most part and Esther the photographer captured sure gold from both kids! You would think bribery in the form of ice-cream would work but it was the high fives that she offered that seemed to do the trick! Photos coming soon for this one!!!
On Saturday, we woke the kids up a little early, 5am-ish and they were great for my final Triathlon. Boomer has been to three other races but it was Big Boy's first. Aside from wanting to swim with me as the race began, he took it in with great curiosity. I heard them cheering at every transition and yelling and screaming near the finish line, it was great to have them there at the end.
Our family has launched a new endeavour B2 Bean Bags! Named after the kids, Boomer and Biggie, I hope to show the kids how to conduct business, network and be philanthropic...and maybe make some money. We are now on Facebook(B2 Bean Bags), Twitter(B2BeanBags) and the website will be up soon!

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