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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The kids woke up this morning and noticed that Nemo our 4yr old goldfish is floating sideways in his tank. The poor guy was still breathing well but laboring to swim. Since he ate the other goldfish in the tank, he became the largest and outlasted the other three fish we had in there with him. Nemo is the prize of a Chinese Gift exchange from 4 Christmas parties ago and has lived pretty large.
Knowing that someday this would come up, I promised Boomer a hampster for the tank when Nemo took a seat. As she first noticed Nemo floating sideways, she was excited to get the hamster but soon realized that he would not make it and began to cry. I explained to her that for a goldfish to live 4 years was great and she could draw pictures of her with Nemo at school today. Meanwhile, Big Boy was asking me if he could use the fish net and scoop him out of the tank. She quit crying and began thinking of names for her new hamster or whatever rhodent she decides to get. I felt a little better with that. Mommy is not too keen on any rhodent in the house. Do I see a cat or dog in our near future?
On a lighter note, I stepped into the daycare of my 3yr old son Biggie and his teacher asked me if we had gone camping recently. I said we had gone the previous weekend, and that we had a lot of fun. Brady had a great time camping but why do you ask? Well...he kept peeing outside on the playground. I couldn't help but to laugh as I pictured his pale little butt and how well he went #1 outside at the campgrounds when the bathroom was no where close. I forgot to tell him that was only for camping. Oops. Anyway, he denied it with a sinister smile all the way home as I explained that you use it as a last resort. He said he was all the way out in the mulch! 15ft from the bathroom.

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