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Biggie and Ladoo

Biggie and Ladoo
Biggie is still a little nervous when he holds him.

Monday, December 6, 2010


So Nemo, our originally named goldfish has officially taken a seat so over the weekend. So we took the next step in the food chain, sort of. We pondered getting a hamster for Boomer and Biggie thinking that the maintenence would be a great next step, but the kids ultimately decided on a kitten instead. The thought of possibly losing a rodent in the house made us think twice. A cat is a little more work for sure, but the pleasure this little fuzzie has brought is tremendous. We named it Ladoo Quinn Simmons or Quinn Ladoo Simmons depending on who you ask. Boomer has cleaned the litter box at least three times a day since Saturday. The kitty follows Big Boy around like a puppy and Boomer acts and sounds like a mommy the way she speaks to it in her mommy/baby voice. Too cute and of course both kids love picking the kitty up and showing it the way of the house. After hearing that cats are much lower maintenance than a puppy,I think we made the right decision.
Boomer made sure to show everyone pics of her kitty on the way into her school this morning which was just the cutest. She was such a proud owner. Her teacher thought it was funny that Boomer ended up with a kitty instead of a hamster which she spoke about all last week at school.
Last Thursday when the teacher heard that the fish was swimming upside down she braced for the worst and the class had a eulogy. Boomer drew a picture and said a few kind words. The kids have not spoke much about the lack of a fish except for Boomer asking me when I plan on cleaning out the tank.
Today is our first day apart from the kitty so I did take my lunch break to go check on him. He seemed fine as I got home, he was fast asleep in his little kitty bed. Home intruders must love it when they break in to a home only to find a cat that will rub on their legs. Anyway, so far it has been great and although I did not see us as a cat family, I think we are getting there. My wife, who has never had a pet, is getting used to our newest addition as well.

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